{wedding} katie + michael

Love this wedding I shot in Mexico in October. The week on the beach and in the sun was fantastic! And the wedding day was the cherry chocolate sauce on top of a pretty perfect holiday. It was such an amazing day with two incredible families and some pretty awesome friends. The only part of the day not on our side was the weather. It was a rainy, windy afternoon that moved the ceremony and reception off the beach and into the resort. Such a drag.

But nothing was bringing down the spirits of the beautiful bride, Katie. So it had to be moved inside, so what?! We were still in Mexico and loving every minute of it! And, thankfully, we had time to do photos on the beach before the ceremony (and the rain!). And what an amazing day it was. The sky was incredible and moody, making the ocean extra bright and colourful.

The rain didn’t affect much, in the end. So the ceremony wasn’t on the beach. It was still absolutely wonderful and everyone was so happy, excited and full of love for the happy couple. No one cared that we were inside instead of out; we were just there to celebrate them. It really does speak volumes about Katie and Michael to see how many friends and family were there. They are such amazing individuals and a pretty awesome couple. It was really an honour to be a part of their day.

Congrats again to Katie and Michael!

If you missed the sneak peek – check it out!

{travel} england part II

I had such a fantastic trip to Oxford and London this Christmas. So amazing to see family and friends and meet new friends – especially when they teach you Dutch! Spannend!

Just wish I could have stayed longer!

the hood

It was finally nice weather this past weekend and I took complete advantage of it – and thank goodness I did since it’s back to April showers!

Darryl and I went for a walk around our neighbourhood and I snapped some shots of whatever caught my eye. Here are a bunch of my faves of the city I love so much!


Fog took over the city today. It was pretty creepy, actually. Slowly slinking off the lake and swallowing the boats, the buildings, the airport, the cars, even the Rogers Centre. It was eerie.

{travel} england

Last summer I spent three months in England with my amazing cousin, Natalie, and her beautiful family. Natalie is an incredibly talented photographer and a huge inspiration to me (hence last months’ blog post). So when I was given the opportunity to be her apprentice, I took it with a (huge!) smile on my face. Easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I had the most amazing time – learning everything I could about photography and being with family I don’t see often enough. The only negative about the whole thing? It was only three months!

Below are some of my favourites from the trip.

A forest of Bluebells

My cousin Tom battling the waves in Wales

My beautiful cousin Meggie dancing as the tide goes out

The most adorable and lovely couple who celebrated their 60th anniversary a few weeks after this photo was taken

A barn door at a gorgeous country manor An old horseshoe on one of the barns (same location as above photo)

Little Nia the Lioness

Meggie and her balloon

A hat show at Childwickbury Arts Fair

A hat display in a London market