{super hero party} super quintyn

Quintyn’s 5!! And what better way to celebrate than partying with Batman?

Purdy Girls helped throw this little super hero an awesome Batman birthday. Princess Tutu’s made Super Quintyn and all his friends personalized capes and Erica did some pretty fantastic face painting. After lunch, Batman himself joined the party – Quintyn was ecstatic!

We then played a bunch of games, including “Vaporize a Villain”, walking over the lava pit and showing off our muscles.

Quintyn’s mother threw an amazing party! All the details made the day perfect. She is so much fun! And we can’t forget the birthday boys’ dad who, when we were looking for a spot to hang our TNT piñata, jumped in and held it for us while the kids went crazy bashing it all at the same time. Ya – big points to him for that!

It was such an incredible day and Erica and I are so glad we were part of it.

Happy 5th Birthday Quintyn!

{princess party} mademoiselle chloë

Happy 6th Birthday to Princess Chloë!

Erica and I were so excited to throw Mademoiselle Chloë a princess party. We loved it! And this was no ordinary Princess Party – Chloë really wanted a Paris princess party. And since her wish is our command, we celebrated in true Parisian Princess style. All the little princesses were given a loot bag when they arrived at the party with a black and pink tutu and pink headband (thanks to the extremely talented Ang at Princes Tutu’s) that they wore for the celebration, along with some other princess goodies.

The girls loved having their nails and makeup done – definitely treated like the little princesses they are. Then we played games – including pin the tiara on Chloë (where we printed a big photo of the leading lady and they were blindfolder and had to pin a tiara on the picture) – pumped the music, danced around, took a break for BBQ lunch, and had a yummy Eiffel Tower cake made by Chloë’s mom. It was such a fantastic day!

Thanks for sharing your big birthday with us, Chloë! We hope it was the best birthday yet!

{princess party} siera + ava

This past weekend, Purdy Girls had their very first Princess Party!

If you haven’t heard (where have you been??): my cousin Erica and I of Purdy Girls are teaming up with Ang from Princess Tutu’s to start a new craze – the Princess Party. Depending on the package chosen, party goers have their makeup done (nails, eyeshadow, lip gloss and blush) by Erica Purdy, a loot bag filled with princess goodies, including a gorgeous tutu and matching flower headband made by Princess Tutu’s, and the whole party documented by me! Any little princess would love it, which was proved true on Saturday when Princess Siera and Princess Ava were given the royal treatment.

They loved having their makeup done – Siera had to stop playing for a touch-up, of course – and dancing around in their beautiful tutus and flower tiaras, as we were calling them. Another big hit were the princess cupcakes that they devoured! And, of course, they had a fabulous time in the princess tent and listening to Disney music all afternoon. Does it get any better than that?!

Here are some shots from their day. It was so much fun! These two little princesses are amazing.

{hot and new} princess parties

I’m getting together with Erica Purdy – Makeup Artist and Princess Tutu’s and am so exicted to share our newest project: Princess Parties!

When you’re a little girl, you dream of being a princess and meeting Prince Charming –  just like in the Disney movies. Twirling around in that princess dress and looking as gorgeous as ever!

If you have a little lady at home who loves getting all dolled up and being a princess, then she would love to have a princess party for her for any occasion! Included in every party is makeup by Erica Purdy, princess outfits by Princess Tutu’s and photography by yours truly. Why not have a Princess Party for your little girl and her girlfriends? Treat them like the princesses they are and document every special moment!

There are four different Princess Party packages to choose from:

  • Package A:
    *  Makeup – nails as well as lip gloss, blush etc.
    *  Loot bags – has a flower headband and a tutu for the party, as well as some extra treats
    *  Disc with ten of your favourite photos of the day
  • Package B:
    *  Makeup
    *  Loot bags 
    *  Disc with twenty of your favourite photos of the day
  • Package C
    *  Makeup
    *  Loot bags – filled with princess goodies
    *  Disc with fifty of your favourite photos of the day
    *  Princess Cake or cupcakes
    *  Full gorgeous tutu’s and head pieces 
  • Package D
    This one is all about YOU.  Please feel free to customize a package that best suits you and your party! You can mix and match anything you would like and if there is something that is not on the list that you would like, please feel free to get in touch and I will see what we can do about getting it! 

And we haven’t forgotten about your little princes! Let us know if you’d like a Pirate Party – coming soon!! – or have princes coming to your party and we’ll incorporate them.
We can also do Disney themed princess parties. Please check out this page for amazing tutu’s inspired by Disney princesses.
Please contact me for prices. Prices depend on the package and party size.